What is Servas?

Servas is a worldwide network of hosts and travellers established in over 80 countries. As a peace organisation, it aims to promote international understanding through personal contacts and exchange of ideas. For a short period it offers an "open door" so that travellers can look beyond the tourist façade to join in the daily life of their hosts.

Some members belong to

peace groups, others offer a commitment to peace in less formal ways, but all have in common a wish for a more tolerant and peaceful world. Fundamental to the spirit of Servas is that people are accepted as travellers and hosts regardless of their race, religion, or culture. Hosts and travellers are of all ages, single and families, and from all backgrounds.

All administration is done by volunteers from their own homes

How does Servas work?

Members can choose to be hosts or travellers or both. In practical terms Servas works on the basis of travellers staying with hosts for two nights, sometimes longer if hosts suggest it. Hospitality is freely offered; no money changes hands between hosts and travellers.

Travellers make contact with hosts by phone, letter or e-mail, using information from annual host lists for each country. Hosts then offer hospitality if it convenient. A few simple rules quickly put travellers and hosts at ease with each other and help avoid misunderstandings. To ensure some meaningful communication it is important that hosts and travellers share some common language, not necessarily one of their own.

How to join Servas Belgium & Luxemburg ?

If you are interested in joining Servas you will need to meet for an interview with a local coordinator . Given the organisation is based so much on the trust between host and traveller, this meeting is an important safeguard to establish that new members are responsible, open-minded, and can accept the basic aims of Servas.

Nevertheless the interview is informal and aims to provide a valuable opportunity to find out in more detail about the aims of Servas and how the organisation works. You will be able to discuss what you could contribute to Servas as a traveller, and whether or not it is the right organisation for you.

For further information about Servas or to arrange an interview to be a host or traveller please send your contact information containing name, full address, telephone number, email and birthday to the National Secretary: